Typical mountain villages are situated on a sunny terrace at 1000m above sea level and are easily accessible by tramway and bus from the city centre.

One of the best known is Igls, with the four-star Sporthotel Igls situated nearby, which offers outdoor activities such as alpine golf, horse riding, tennis, summer bobsleigh rides at the Olympic Bobsleigh Igls, a free mountain hiking programme, Nordic walking, cable car rides and more. 

To the west of Innsbruck is the Mieminger Plateau. This unspoilt, grassy alpine plateau is famous for the five-star Schwarz Alpine & Spa Resort, Hotel Holzleiten and the family-friendly Hotel Stern, all providing wellness and beauty options in a setting full of natural beauty.


Get fit and healthy in Innsbruck and the Igls and Lans Vitality Region 

The surrounding villages Igls and Lans boast the highest density of leading Austrian health centres, such as the four-star hotels Parkhotel Igls, the Alpine Wellfit Hotel Eagles Astoria, and the Lanserhof health centre. 

Visitors to Innsbruck and its 25 holiday villages can also use the hiker’s bus with their guest card, as well as take part in a mountain hiking programme, rent equipment and are accompanied by a guide – all for free. It has never been easier to start exploring the mountains, even for beginners.


Innsbruck's water is pure nature 

Experts describe Innsbruck's water as ‘natural mineral water’, as 99% of it is spring water. Before bubbling out of every tap it is stored in the mountains for up to 20 years, purified and enriched with minerals.

In Innsbruck, you do not have to buy water in bottles, as it simply comes out of the tap: directly from the mountains, completely free from germs, absolutely untreated, naturally enriched with calcium, magnesium and hydrocarbonate.



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