Ibiza is the third largest and the most westerly of the Balearic Islands with a surface area of 572km² and a population of 125,000 permanent residents known as Ibizencos. Situated in the Mediterranean Sea less than 90km east of Spain's mainland, Ibiza forms part of the Pitiusan island group (or Pine Islands) which unite the neighbouring island of Formentera with many smaller uninhabited rock islands.

Ibiza has a varied landscape largely covered by ploughed fields and orchards. The highest mountain in Ibiza is Sa Talaia de Sant Josep which stands at 476 metres. Due to the small surface area of the island, the greatest distance covered by road is just 40km, meaning that all areas of the island are accessible and within just an hour's drive.

"Ibiza's capital Eivissa (in Catalan) or popularly known as 'Vila' or 'Ibiza town' is situated on the south east coast of the island and is the main hub of political, social and cultural activity. Eivissa is most famously known for the medieval walled city of Dalt Vila which dates back to the 14th century and was catapulted into the limelight ten years ago when UNESCO declared it a World heritage site."

Ibiza benefits from an ideal Mediterranean climate and is a paradise for sun worshippers. Although in July and August the temperatures usually reach 30°C, the summers are generally slightly cooler than Mallorca or mainland Spain. Winters are generally mild with temperatures around 15°C during the day and 8°C at night. The average annual temperature is a pleasant 18°C.

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