El Tunel:
New for the winter season is the development of 'Las Marrades' slope in Arinsal and the popular 'El Tunel' green slope in Arcalis.
For 'Las Marrades' a further 2km and a difference of 400m altitude have made it possible to ski from the peak of Port Negre to the base at Arinsal. In the same vein El Tunel, found in the La Coma area of Arcalis has become the longest run in Andorra racking up 7km in length!

Ski Ratrac: For freeriders, new tracks are waiting to be discovered for winter 2010 such as Roc dels Pous, Canal dels Maians or Serrat dels Miquelets. There is also a ski ratrac to reach some of the resort's most impressive places. For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Igloo village: For the second consecutive year, winter 2009/2010 saw the construction of nine specially constructed igloos, made exclusively from snow and ice, and offering guests the chance to spend surrounded by nothing but snow and stars, 2,300m above sea level. The beds are equipped to cope with extreme temperatures and insulating sheep skins and feather sleeping bags are given to guests to offer maximum comfort in temperatures that can reach as low as -40ºC! See www.grandvalira.com for more information.

Caldea spa: Offers a range of thermal water treatments ideal for relaxing the muscles after a long first day on the slopes or a challenging hike up the mountain. See www.caldea.com/en/

Naturlandia: Also referred to as the 'eco theme park of the Pyrenees', Naturlandia arranges a range of activities including full moon hikes, Nordic walking, quad bikes, ice-skating, paintball and turbotronc (the longest 'nature' toboggan in the world (5.3km), taking guests on an journey through the forest while sat on a two-seater sled).

Diving under the ice: For true adrenaline seekers, a ski or boarding trip can be combined with discovering what lies beneath the glassy ice exteriors of some of Andorra's highest lakes. Guests can experience one of two dives depending on previous experience and will ski with a guide to the lake before changing into the protective gear (dry suit, gloves, mask, oxygen tank, regulator and all other necessary equipment) before submerging through an ice hole into the water.

Bus tourístic – Sightseeing Bus
The Andorra Bus trail combines a visit to a range of Romanesque museums and churches as well as pointing out the key places to shop. The tours run three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) in the mornings and afternoons. There are half-day trails accompanied by a tourist guide and audio-guides are available in four different languages (Catalan, Spanish, French and English).

Prices for adult tickets start at €12 including museum and church entry. Space is limited and prior reservations are recommended. The sightseeing bus runs all year.

Romanesque Art & Cultural Circuits
Across the Principality there are 40 Romanesque churches and monuments waiting to be discovered. Most of them are free and have specific opening hours, with details are available at the local tourist offices. One of the most popular routes is the Iron route, which takes guests to mines, coal works and metal works to illustrate an important part of Andorra's history. Some routes can be visited by horseback whilst others can be reached by small regional trains. For more information visit www.andorra.ad


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