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You may be surprised to learn that Istanbul is said to have one of the best nightlife scenes in Europe, especially in the Beyoğlu district. There is the full range of night-time options a night owl would expect, including bars, pubs, wine bars, taverns and loud nightclubs.


Arsen Lüpen 

This can be seen as an oasis in the seedy Taksim neighbourhood. The challenge of finding its street entrance and then finding your way to its 4th floor home adds to the excitement.




This square is a good place to start for a drink and a snack before you really get going.



Here there is a concert or a party almost every night of the week (except during the summer months when the locals head out of the city).



Fasil music

Fasil the traditional Turkish music can be found at traditional Turkish taverns called meyhanes. Fasil bands use violins, clarinets, kanun (strings), ud (lute), a tambourine (tef or def,) and a hand drum (darbuka).

Mayhane options:

· Feraye Restaurant http://feraye.net/  

·  Zarifi www.zarifi.com.tr  

·  Galata Meyhanesi http://galata.com.tr/en/  



A concert venue used by local and international artists.



İstiklal Caddesi

A popular street full night-time options that also spreads out into some of the side streets.



A bar in a 19th-century covered passageway. For those looking for something a little less hectic it offers food and has live music on most nights.



A rooftop bar offering music, cocktails and views of the Bosphorus.



Pano Şaraphanesi

Founded in 1898 by a Greek entrepreneur, this wine bar is all dark wood and mirrors. As you’d expect it has an extensive menu featuring wines from all over Turkey.  


Salon IKSV

A concert venue which is host to many different performance styles.




A wine bar offering a choice of Turkish wines and cheeses.


Turkish Dancing

Hodjapasa Cultural Centre

Converted from a 550 year old historical Turkish bath, this dance theatre has two sections, an exhibition area and a performance area.



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