All major Indian cities and most large towns have regular air carrier services. The state domestic airline is Indian Airlines and the network connects around 80 cities, about 60 within India and the rest overseas. Other domestic airlines include Alliance Air, a subsidiary of Indian Airlines, Jet Airways, JetLite, and Kingfisher Airlines. Buses take up over 90 per cent of public transport in Indian cities, and serve as a cheap and convenient mode of transport.

Services are mostly run by government owned state transport corporations. New initiatives like Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems and air conditioned buses have been taken up by the various state governments to improve the public transport systems. High Capacity buses can be found in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur and Chennai. Bangalore is the first Indian city to have an air-conditioned bus stop, located near Cubbon Park. Tourists can also get taxis to travel in and around cities and towns. Depending on the city/state, taxis can either be hailed or hired from taxi-stands.

"Rail transport is a commonly used mode of long-distance transportation in India. Almost all rail operations in India are handled by a state-owned organisation, Indian Railways, Ministry of Railways."

Many cities have their own dedicated suburban networks to cater to commuters. Currently, suburban networks operate in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and Lucknow. Hyderabad, Pune and Lucknow do not have dedicated suburban tracks but share the tracks with long distance trains. Indian Railways also offer exclusive luxury trains like Palace on Wheels, Fairy Queen, The Royal Orient, Shivalik Palace, and Indrail Pass, for the tourists to explore various important places across the country. Food, tours, and fees to monuments and cultural sites are included in the package. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the regal experience. Most of the traveling is done at night, while the days are left free for discovering the delights of the special places.


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