For most of the travelers visiting India, “Delhi-Belly” is a term synonymous with an upset stomach. If you are not a big spice eater then you should go light on spices for few days before you get accustomed. Drink only bottled water and drinks from a reliable, unopened source.

Nearly all forms of food in India are spicy with their own unique taste, flavor and spice content. One needs to slowly get used to spice. Go slow with spicy food for the first couple of days and then, slowly shift towards eating spicy food.

'Eating out’ is always fun and can introduce you to variety of new cuisines and flavors. However it is advisable to not eat out on the roadside other than some renewed ‘Dhabas’ or other conspicuously hygienic vendor. Eating out in India is not very expensive and any small shop would generally carry ‘clean’ food that you can trust.

There are all kinds of restaurants in India, catering to all classes of the society. The price for dinner for two can range from anywhere around $4 in a small everyday Indian restaurant (with mineral water) to around $50 and upwards in a 5-star restaurant or specialty restaurant. If price is not an issue then one should definitely go out for a nice dinner to one of the premium places. It not only provides you a taste of the best of the food available but also allows you to come across a society which is strikingly different from what one perceives India to be.

"A good “Dhaba’ (Small, roadside shop with their own earthen oven to cook bread) is generally a must for any traveler. Even though a lot of new restaurants have come up with ‘Dhaba-look and feel’, it is advisable to visit some Dhabas while traveling from one city to another."

Black Dal ( cooked lentils in a spice base) Palak Paneer (Spinach with cottage cheese) or Shahi Paner (cottage cheese in spice base with turmeric) are the special attractions of Dhabas.

In breads you should try Lachha Paratha (Bread with butter) or Methi Paratha (Bread with Coriander and herbs) for a special treat. These are the improvised versions of Naan (bread baked in oven).

In general, India is regional with it's food, so go with what the locals eat. Be adventurous with an equal degree of caution. It is sometimes an idea to go vegetarian while in india, as there is less chance of eating old or unclean food. A large percentage of India is Vegetarian and the choice is, as you would expect, vast and impressive. 


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