Las Dalias Hippy Market
Every Saturday, the hippy market, restaurant, bar, gallery and music venue Las Dalias situated on the north-east of the island opens its doors to an eccentric crowd of sellers, craftsmen, artists and shoppers, selling an authentic range of clothing, jewellery, music and art. The Saturday market started in 1954 and has since grown to become a popular weekly event bringing the hippies and islanders together and offers a mix of colours, arts, crafts, music and food for all ages.

Other Hippy Markets
From May until October, the Mercadillo de Es Canar (hippy market) takes place each Wednesday in Punta ArabĂ­ close to Santa Eulalia selling a range of authentic crafts and jewellery. On Thursdays, Sant Miguel also have their own hippy market located in the main square.

Ibiza Town and Dalt Vila
Ibiza Town offers many stores stocking the trademark adlib fashion (coming from the Latin word ad libitum meaning 'with freedom'). Most garments are white and loose fitting, made from cotton, linen and lace. The fashion originated from the free spirit hippie culture on the island, when underwear garments were used as normal clothes. Since then, the style has been adapted and is reminiscent of the white colour which spreads across the island from the almond blossom in January to the traditional farmhouses, churches and monuments that are all painted white to keep them cool during the summer months.

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