Whilst many visit Ibiza for the nightlife and scorching summer sun of July and August, many visit the White Isle for peace and quiet in the warm autumn months.

Ibiza offers much to feed the soul, from retreats to yoga on the beach. In recent years however it's food for the body that has been grabbing the attention of visitors. Whether it's trendy pre-bar haunts or family-friendly authentic gems hidden in the countryside, Ibiza is an upcoming gourmet hot spot.

Restaurants on the coast tend to specialise in fish and seafood dishes. Of particular note are dishes such as the fish hotpot known as Bullit de Peix, Ibizan paella and La Burrida de Ratjada, a typical local fish dish.
"Further inland, tourists can find restaurants which serve typical dishes which are primarily meat-based. Renowned dishes include Arrós de Matances, which is a meat and rice dish and Frita de Porc, which is pork based."
Mouthwatering desserts include a tart made with goat and sheep's cheese and mint known as Flaó, a pudding made of ensaimadas, milk and eggs called Greixonera and on important social occasions, it's typical to try Orelletes, small ear-shaped cakes.

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